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Welcome to FitterCommunities

FitterCommunities  was established in 2014 by Hilton Overberg with the aim of encouraging people to become healthier and fitter. It’s not a once off quick fix, but a lifestyle,  everyday all the way and starts today.  After considering the high obesity rate in New Zealand, it was time to take on the challenge and make a difference where it matters most, the health of the nation. Whilst health is the common denominator for training,one can not overlook other important aspects such as self-esteem and self-worth. If you look and feel great, your self esteem is boosted. Many medical practitioners, fitness scientists and personal trainers have ascertained the benefits of continual physical training. It is for this reason that the training is geared to improve fitness, health and confidence.  So, join us on a journey/ lifestyle to become fit and healthy. 

"It's not a once off quick fix but a lifestyle, everyday all the way and starts today"

Training in Rest Homes
Boot Camp Training
One on One
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Tell: Hilton 0210354417 

: Muga 0211993050

: Brian 02102418772

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