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FitterCommunities has a range of services inclusive of Personal Training, Corporate Fitness, Group Training, Muscle Tone, Core Strength​




FitterCommunities have professional personal trainers who are able to offer a wide range of training programs suitable for the clients needs.


           Corporate Training

Clients who prefer to have a good training session before work / during their lunch breaks / after work can do so in the comfort of the company's personal gym or take advantage of a good work session in the park.

           GROUP TRAINING - Pod classes and Boot Camp


Group training is very beneficial as one can receive motivation, not only from the trainer but from those doing the same workout. Also, group training is held in open spaces-parks-or local sport fields. And best of all you get results at a great price. So be quick and join our sessions.

           MUSCLE TONE


We offer numerous toning exercises. So, if you desiring a toned body come along, we got the right exercises for you! 

           CORE STRENGTH


A strong core is beneficial for good posture, sport and recreational activities and for normal human movement. Developing a strong core will ensure that you are better balanced when walking or running. Come and try out our different core exercises and see results!

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